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Executive and team coaching. Gallup strengths coaching and leadership trainings. 

Amplify what is good and works already!

Certified coach

Services I offer

I can support you in following themes:

Individual coaching

  • Executive coaching
  • Gallup strengths coaching 
  • Coaching constellations 
  • Coaching on the forest trail

Team coaching

  • Team coaching
  • Team strengths coaching
  • Mastermind “Working together”


  • Team Building using CliftonStrengths 
  • Strengths based leadership
  • Empowering conversations 
  • Inhouse training programs


CEO in international company


HR manager in large organisations


as caoch


as trainer

About me

I help bring people's attention to what they are good at and amplify it on a daily basis.

My mission is to bring individuals and teams attention to whats working (strengths) and activate change processes in order to have happier and more successful worklife. I mainly work as an internal partner, executive coach and team coach, but I also have clients among private individuals. Trust, confidentiality, partnership and co-creation are important values to me. 

aili nurmeots coach


Annika Tuulemäe

"I had just started at a new job, and coaching helped me take time for myself, look inside and think through my thoughts. Aili knew how to ask questions in such a way that a completely new perspective opened up for me every time. The question "What would happen if you did nothing at the moment?" was especially valuable to a new enthusiastic manager like me. During the sessions, I was able to look at myself from the side and set my goals better. Coaching helped me to grow as a leader and increase the trust within my team."

Annika Tuulemäe
HR manager
Rabiya Shahid

“Thanks to coaching sessions with Aili I was able to find gaps in my learning and I was able to find new directions to explore that are helping me gain more confidence and boost my career growth even further. I am able to be my true self with people and when I am unable to do that, I am open about my struggles. This has taken an immense burden off me. Coaching with Aili was perfect. I can’t begin to thank you enough for being so unbelievably real and relatable. You pushed me to find answers and you helped me see things more clearly. Thanks for being so awesome and just changing my average year to extraordinary in a matter of months.”

Rabiya Shahid
Chief People & Culture Officer

"With Aili, I immediately got the right feeling, as you should with a coach. Mapping my strengths and discussing them with a broader perspective helped me find my true self again and take it into account when making choices. I believe that awareness and realization of my strengths help me to keep myself and achieve goals better. Aili's dedication and openness helped make a difficult search easy. I recommend her and strengths mapping again and again."

Iiris Õunpuu
Chain manager
Anneli Luikmel

"After the Strengths workshop led by Aili, everything fell into place, everyone's roles in the team became clearer and trust in the newer team members grew. It was great to see how colleagues felt proud of their TOP talents, it gave them more confidence and empowered them. My first reaction to my own TOP strengths was - "those are boring talents", but after looking into them more closely, discussing with Aili and comparing them with my everyday life, I have realized that these talents actually help me to do my work the best every day."

Annely Luikmel
Sales and marketing manager

"With Ailis help years ago I gained confidence that I want to be a leader. This journey has had ups and downs as life sometimes is. Aili has been there for me when I have had my down moments, when I was looking for a new challenge between two jobs, and recently when I was settling into a new position. Aili is a partner characterized by the keywords of professionalism, neutrality and, of course, confidentiality. With Aili, I can discuss and play through the planned changes in my work, which, for example, I don't want to or can't go to the direct manager or HR manager right away. Sessions with Aili make me more aware of my abilities and possibilities and hopefully develop me into a better person!"

Triin Küttim
Head of PR department at RMK
Margus Nõlvak

"We participated in the development program with the goal to increase collaboration between leaders. Since we were in the middle of important changes, it was crucial that the whole team would breathe in one rhythm. We have now completed all the training modules and we can safely say that the goal was achieved and our team's leadership toolbox was replenished with several important instruments. We are also now aware of each other's individual strengths and know how to use them skillfully to achieve our goals. We would like to thank our trainers - Jaanika and Aili, whose dynamic energy made the whole program enjoyable and whose practical advice gave us extra courage to face big challenges."

Margus Nõlvak
CEO of Forus Group
dagny valtson

"Aili is a fantastic coach. Through all the sessions, I admired her ability to commit, listen and direct with playful ease, naturally and sincerely. She was never too little or too much, but just right at the right time, always in the right place and with the right questions. Coaching has a magical power, which is hard to believe until you've experienced it. Clarity, self-awareness and solid direction are just a small part of what working with Ail has given me. My sincere thanks to you for your heart-felt dedication."

Dagny Valtson

"The coach's questions and conversation helped me overcome some of the blind spots that were otherwise difficult for me. An action plan was also drawn up, which helps to further support the development of my strengths. Thanks to the coach, test results were turned into a very practical part of everyday life and thereby brought a clearer purpose, courage and self-confidence to life."

Kadri Eensalu

"The strengths workshop conducted by Aili gave a very good overview and a base from which to further develop the company's management team. What are the strengths to be developed and what are the blind spots to consider in the team. All the participants were happy with the workshop. Thank you, Aili!"

Ivar Värk
CEO of Estonian Air Navigation Services

How I work


First meeting

To map your needs. The first meeting is always free of charge for you. After the meeting, I will make you an offer.



Decision and pre-work

If you have decided to go ahead with team coaching or training with me, we will meet again and establish the details and the necessary pre-work. This may include distributing test information, creating online surveys for the team, etc – depending on what your team needs.



Team coaching or training

I take full responsibility for the coaching or training process to guide you the goals agreed. Your part is to be actively onboard and enjoy the ride!



Post coaching / training activities

After the training or the end of the coaching period, we make a follow-up meeting where you evaluate how valuable the coaching or training was for you.


Frequently asked questions

  • Coaching is an inspiring and creative partnership that supports a person’s personal and/or professional growth and coping with changes.
  • In the coaching process, the client is not advised, but it is assumed that the individual or team is able to find suitable solutions and answers on their own during the process.
  • The coach encourages the client to discover his professional and personal potential and to apply it to the maximum.
  • Coaching focuses on the future. It is important to make specific action plans during the process that will help to realize the set goals.

The introductory session is FREE OF CHARGE. Mutual chemistry is very important in coaching, and in order to find the right coach, it is advisable to have chemistry meetings with more than one coach.

The number of coaching sessions depends on the goal, but in general people need 6-8 coaching sessions to make changes in life. The overall goal of the sessions is agreed during the introductory meeting or, in some cases, also during the first session.

In most cases, the sessions take place once a month, but sometimes also twice a month to get faster results. Please note that that real change takes place in between the session and it depends how you integrate knowledge from the session to real life. 

Sessions take place in a place that suits you (your office, forest trail, cafeteria, etc.) or online.

The coach’s role is to hold the process, ask the right questions and to help to bring the wisdom that is inside you to the surface. The coach reflects, reformulates, uses various creative methods, so that you get clarity, insights in order to make decisions on how to proceed. A coach is your thought partner.

The coachee’s role is to be completely honest with yourself, and it is very important to have the will to change something in your life. In the period between sessions, the coachee must be willing to deal with the topics that arise during the sessions and, if necessary, read more, ask for feedback, etc.

At the beginning of the sessions, you set yourself a measurable goal for the coaching relationship. During the entire cooperation, we repeatedly measure where you are with your goal and what you still need to do in order to reach your goal. In the last session, you will evaluate yourself what are the results and what the impact has been on you.

Team coaching is a systematic and consistent method of team development, where the content is created by the team members themselves. The coach is the facilitator who guides the process, but coaches input to content  is minimal. Team coaching helps to analyze the team’s behavior and experiences which have contributed to team success stories and situations that have not gone so well. The goal of team coaching process is learning and team development. Coach role is to notice different team dynamics and bring them to the surface in a safe and solution-oriented manner.

  • Team coaching is not training – new knowledge and insights arise from group members’ exchange of ideas, not from the coach’s input.
  • Team coaching is not team building – the team’s ability to cooperate improves thanks to shared experiences and interpretation, as well as consistent training, not fun team games.
  • Team coaching is not therapy – we do deal with team dynamics and behavior patterns, but we don’t deal with a person’s personal past problems.
  • To bring long-term and lasting change in a team
  • To encourage moving towards a common goal
  • To change team dynamics, patterns and behavior
  • To solve some challenges where an outside view is helpful
  • To change people’s behaviours and attitudes
  • To improve the team’s internal climate
  • To move towards greater responsibility and freedom
  • To make common agreements
  • To define team identity and set goals
  • To create clarity in the team
  • To jointly create systems and processes

Team coaching sessions usually takes place once a month,  3-4 hours over a period of 6-9 months. The team itself sets a goal, where they want to go and during the sessions they find ways to move towards the goal.

  • Create a positive atmosphere that supports open discussions
  • Lead the process and ensure that all team members have equal possibilities to express their views.
  • Keep to the time and manage the process so that the set goal is reached at the end of the session
  • Preparation of the session and setting the pre-work in cooperation with the participants if necessary. 
  • To be open minded and have positive attitude 
  • Come to the session prepared – what is it what we want to focus on today
  • Do the necessary pre-work or homework
  • Stick to agreements and actively contribute to the teamwork in between the sessions

Before we start with team coaching, the team sets a measurable goal for the sessions. During the entire cooperation, we repeatedly assess where the team is with its goal and what still needs to be done in order to reach the goal. In the last session, the team itself evaluates what the result is  what the impact has been on the team.

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