Team coaching

Team coaching

Team coaching will help you take your team to the next level, make clear cooperation agreements, set goals and priorities, and resolve disputes along the way if necessary. 

As a first step we map the situation and define the goal for team coaching sessions.

Usually each team goes through the following stages in their development. What stage is your team at today?

1. Formation stage – why our team exists, how we do things and what needs to be done? What are the roles and rules in our team?

2. Conflict and controversy phase – things that have been agreed are questioned. Is this the right fit for me? At this stage, it is important to deal with resistance and contradiction, to bring hidden subjects to the table. Confirming or renewing agreements.

3. Adaptation phase – rituals and rules between team members have been agreed. At this stage, it is important to maintain a high level of openness and encourage feedback. This way, the team reaches the stage of effective cooperation faster, where the team’s performance is the highest.

4. Phase of effective cooperation – agreements in the team work. Everyone knows why, what and how things are done. This is usually the phase where team coaching is not required.

5. The stage of transformation – cooperation has stagnated, the agreements that have worked so far do not work anymore. You need to new breathing in the team. You have returned to the beginning of the cycle.

Team coaching is a long-term process (minimum 6 months) where goals and changes are implemented step by step. Long-term commitment will bring desired change. The length of the team coaching sessions is 3-4 hours, they take place once a month and 6-8 sessions are needed to achieve results.

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Team strengths coaching

Team strengths coaching helps to identify your team strengths, understand better your team mates, increase team members self-awareness and solve team challenges through strengths lens

Gallup research shows that every person has higher potential in certain areas – in areas where are their natural talents.  Very often neither a person nor a leader do not notice what those talents are, they can not put them into words and apply them in the best way on a daily basis. Over the decades, and as a result of extensive research, Gallup has developed the CliftonStrengths personality test, which helps people identify their natural talents – the way they think, create relationships and execute things

Team strength coaching consists of the following steps:

  1. The team answers a pre-questionnaire, which helps to find out what is going well what are the teamsbiggest challenges.
  2. Team strengths workshop helps to get to know each other better and create a trusting atmosphere.
  3. Following team coaching sessions help to go deeper into the team’s challenges and find solutions that empower the team based on the team’s strengths.

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The strengths workshop lasts 1 day, the team coaching sessions 3-4 hours. Depending on the team, the recommended number of sessions is 3-6 times with an interval of once a month.

A strengths-based mindset means that you focus on enhancing your strengths instead of developing your weaknesses. In order to focus on your strengths, you must first identify and become aware of your talents and then develop your talents into strengths. A natural talent is a person’s natural way of thinking, feeling, behaving. Talent develops into a real strength when you devote time and energy to its development.

The strengths-based movement began in the 1950s when psychologist Donald O. Clifton (1924-2003) asked an important question: “What would happen if we started thinking about what people are good at instead of looking for their weaknesses and development needs?” As a professor of psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he began to investigate more deeply what distinguishes gifted people from others, and quickly came to the understanding that people themselves have a difficult time noticing and articulating their talents. In order for more and more people to be aware of their talents and work in their strengths zone, in 2000 Don Clifton developed the CliftonStrengths test in cooperation with the research company Gallup, which helps people identify their talents.

CliftonStrengths is an online personality test based on 50 years of thorough and professional research and has been taken by over 29 million people worldwide. The test divides people’s talents into 34 different topics, which in turn are divided into 4 areas: strategic thinking, execution, influence and relationship building.

The test costs approx. 67 euros and anyone can buy it on Gallup’s website.

Developing natural talents into strengths follows the formula Name it! Claim it! Aim it! If you really want to develop your talents into strengths, it is advisable to do so with the help of a coach.

  • when changing jobs and setting career goals
  • to increase self-esteem
  • to increase self-awareness
  • as a leader to build self-awareness
  • to get to know each other on a deeper level as a team
  • to create synergy in the team
  • at the beginning of the coaching program, to develop talents during the program

Group coaching

Mastermind is a group coaching process that helps people working in an organization work together more effectively. We co-create trustworthy environment where members can help each other to solve issues, develop themselves and lead different teams to results. 

The Mastermind is designed for managers at different levels, departments and areas of the organization who share common goals for the organization. 

As a result of Mastermind:

  • Cooperation is more effective
  • Organization growth will boost
  • Processes are more efficient
  • Information flow is improved
  • Silos will be reduced
  • Mutual understanding will increase

How it works:

  • Preliminary work: mapping the needs of the organization and setting goals
  • Group meetings once a month a 4h
  • The length of the program is 6-9 months
  • The coaching process is supported by theory and practical tools
  • Homework for participants to create and implement change

I conduct internal master classes alone or in cooperation with the members of Juhi5. See more here. Juhi5 is holistic development platform for leaders that brings together leadership practitioners, mentors and coaches.

Feedback from clients

Annika Tuulemäe

"I had just started at a new job, and coaching helped me take time for myself, look inside and think through my thoughts. Aili knew how to ask questions in such a way that a completely new perspective opened up for me every time. The question "What would happen if you did nothing at the moment?" was especially valuable to a new enthusiastic manager like me. During the sessions, I was able to look at myself from the side and set my goals better. Coaching helped me to grow as a leader and increase the trust within my team."

Annika Tuulemäe
HR manager
Rabiya Shahid

“Thanks to coaching sessions with Aili I was able to find gaps in my learning and I was able to find new directions to explore that are helping me gain more confidence and boost my career growth even further. I am able to be my true self with people and when I am unable to do that, I am open about my struggles. This has taken an immense burden off me. Coaching with Aili was perfect. I can’t begin to thank you enough for being so unbelievably real and relatable. You pushed me to find answers and you helped me see things more clearly. Thanks for being so awesome and just changing my average year to extraordinary in a matter of months.”

Rabiya Shahid
Chief People & Culture Officer

"With Aili, I immediately got the right feeling, as you should with a coach. Mapping my strengths and discussing them with a broader perspective helped me find my true self again and take it into account when making choices. I believe that awareness and realization of my strengths help me to keep myself and achieve goals better. Aili's dedication and openness helped make a difficult search easy. I recommend her and strengths mapping again and again."

Iiris Õunpuu
Chain manager

"With Ailis help years ago I gained confidence that I want to be a leader. This journey has had ups and downs as life sometimes is. Aili has been there for me when I have had my down moments, when I was looking for a new challenge between two jobs, and recently when I was settling into a new position. Aili is a partner characterized by the keywords of professionalism, neutrality and, of course, confidentiality. With Aili, I can discuss and play through the planned changes in my work, which, for example, I don't want to or can't go to the direct manager or HR manager right away. Sessions with Aili make me more aware of my abilities and possibilities and hopefully develop me into a better person!"

Triin Küttim
Head of PR department at RMK
dagny valtson

"Aili is a fantastic coach. Through all the sessions, I admired her ability to commit, listen and direct with playful ease, naturally and sincerely. She was never too little or too much, but just right at the right time, always in the right place and with the right questions. Coaching has a magical power, which is hard to believe until you've experienced it. Clarity, self-awareness and solid direction are just a small part of what working with Ail has given me. My sincere thanks to you for your heart-felt dedication."

Dagny Valtson

"The coach's questions and conversation helped me overcome some of the blind spots that were otherwise difficult for me. An action plan was also drawn up, which helps to further support the development of my strengths. Thanks to the coach, test results were turned into a very practical part of everyday life and thereby brought a clearer purpose, courage and self-confidence to life."

Kadri Eensalu
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